Infatuated by everything related to film and art, Baraka decided to give up an impressive career with a 16-plus-year experience in marketing and business development to fullfil his passion for production. In 2004, he earned a Digital Film Editing Diploma from New York Film Academy then later earned his MFA degree in filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. Throughout his studies, he gained hands-on experience by meticulously and committedly discovering his talents with scriptwriting, producing and directing films.

Born and raised in Kuwait, living as an expatriate in a Gulf country has furnished El-Kest with a vivid and multi-cultural childhood. That which has made of her a passionate and aspiring young woman who then joined the American University in Cairo, Egypt’s top undergraduate school, and majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication, Integrated Marketing Communication. Graduating with a 3.7 GPA and High Honors in 2002, El-Kest unhesitatingly started off her career in advertising as a Creative English Copywriter, 2003. Writing for brands such as Mercedes-Benz Egypt and Qatar Telecom has fired up her passion for writing further. Becoming more and more in sync with clients, she easily moved up several titles to handle Key Accounts and win the approval of client management side, to become Account Director of Mercedes-Benz in 2006, followed by BMW Egypt and Qatar Telecom in 2007. With a 12-plus-years of experience and AAA and MB Global award-winning campaigns in her portfolio, El-Kest’s expertise spans everything from marketing strategy and consultation to brand communication and account management. Through this culmination of skills and achievements, El-Kest was able to build a sound and strong reputation in the advertising industry in Cairo, one that brings her today numerous freelance projects and jobs from leading brands.