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Zoya won 2015 Best Director Award & Best Social Denunciation Award at Euro Film Festival 2015. Congratulation to all cast and crew.


A female immigrant living in America starts to develop a crush on her teacher in the short drama Dead Bird Donít Fly. Check out our review here on Screen Critix. This isnít the first film we have had the pleasure of reviewing that was directed by Charlie Sporns; we also did a write-up on his […]

Sharni Vinson in ĎTicketedí

From bikini babe to cowgirl! Sharni Vinson shares clip of new short film Ticketed and asks fans to help raise funds to finish the movie Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2899577/Sharni-Vinson-shares-clip-new-short-film-Ticketed-asks-fans-help-raise-funds-finish-movie.html#ixzz3T1Ns3muW

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Sharni Vinson and Tig Glasscore We are honored, thrilled and proud to announce that Ticketed directed by Shantal Freedman has been accepted to the 2015 Short Film Corner at Cannes International Film Festival!! Congrats to everyone involved who poured their hearts and souls into the film!!